33 year old mom, thyroid cancer survivor, and quality assurance lead.  Hobbies: sewing, reading manga, watching pro-wrestling, cooking, and weight lifting.  I run a queue from 9am to 6pm every day with things I think are pretty, including animals, nature, art, clothing, and architecture.  During the mornings and evenings I blog lots of fandom stuff and chit-chat about my life.  Politically far left and social justice-friendly.


My milkshakes bring them all and in the darkness bind them. 

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Okay you have ten seconds think of an rpg class thats never existed before

Ass devourer, they eat the asses right off of people

What the fuck

OP gave me ten seconds

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Five lil’ monsters.


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if you really want to insult someone just say they look like semi-perfect cell


I have several done years of RPing, and this has taken me to countless different forums and, if you are at all familiar with RP forums, let me tell you, they were the lowest of the low some six or seven years ago.

In one of these forums, a legendary tale happened, a tale that, if I can ever recommend one thing to you, it is this:

The Ballad of Edgardo.

A story that happened to an anonymous RPer years ago.

Anyone will be able to appreciate it (and trust me, you will), but if you are kinsmen or kinswomen to me, if you ever had to experience the shittiest of RP forums and their terrible userbases, particularly that one guy that does whatever he wants and is an asshole that clearly godmods but gets away with it because the actual mods don’t give a damn, you will find the beauty behind the ballad that much brighter.

Just trust me on this one. It’s not a particularly long read, either.

I hope you enjoy The Ballad of Edgardo

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when the anime people turn to face the screen and their nose vanishes

where did it come from

where did it go

where did it come from

anime nose

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HERMES *fans self* 


misc jojo


misc jojo

As a rule, game delays don’t bother me.  I know too much about how the sausage is made and I usually welcome them.  I’m just concerned because how Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona Q are coming out very close together.